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Red Light Body Sculpting

Non-Invasive Fat Loss, Inch Loss, & Skin Tightening

Red Light Body Sculpting treatments are peer reviewed and proven for weight loss. How does it work? It works the same way as exercising. The scientific term is Lipolysis and means the fat cell membrane wall becomes permeable allowing the fat leak out from the cell into the body for energy.  Do you know what happens to the fat? (one of my favorite questions:86% is exhaled into CO2, and 14% is through Sweat and urine... No it does not go through the GI track in the bowels... If any company selling you a product tells you that then run away fast.. 

RF Cavitation Body Contouring Treatments

For individuals who are in a normal BMI of less than 35, our Radio Frequency Cavitation treatments are ideal for body contouring. The cavitation machine kills existing fat cells.
The RF body contouring tightens and smooths the skin reducing cellulite. Our clients (pictured below) start with Red Light Sessions for weight loss. When they reach their ideal BMI they ultimately include the Vshape machine treatments last to tighten up their skin to create and perfect their ideal look for their waistline, arms, chin, back and thighs. 

Packages of 8 sessions recommended per treatment area

A young beautiful girl is doing a cosmetology procedure full body wrap in a modern beauty

Mineral Body Wrap

Our near infrared heat body wraps are synergistically placed after Red Light Sessions to get maximum quick results. When clients pair a Red Light Body Sculpting treatment with a MediWrap an average of 3-8 inches are lost per session. With lots of magnesium its like an Epsom Salt bath in wrap form. Relax tight sore muscles. Balance water retention and extracellular fluid in one 30 minute treatment. No  shower needed after this body wrap because the minerals soak into the skin for maximum benefits.