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Program 1- RedLightMachine+MealGuide

1 Red Light Machine shipped to you when you get this program 1 Meal Plan Suggestions Guide 1 Grocery List  Red Light Therapy Body Sculpting Sessions up to 3x per week from the comfort of our own home    with our specially designed machine, just like the machine we use in our office, for 1 pound and 1 inch    of measurable loss per week. Burn an extra 400-600 calories in every 30 minute red light session. In this kit, we included a specialized Nutrition Plan and Grocery List for guidance. This is the perfect program for someone physically active already and is pretty close to being physically fit, but may need to lose the last 10 lbs (they seem to be the hardest). You should be in a normal weight range but might need a little extra boost for stubborn areas of body fat for a more dialed-in approach to body contouring. 

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