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1st Choose Your Program

We use 3 different methods to help our clients lose weight once and for all... Choose any 3 of the combinations together OR choose all 3 for maximum weight loss in 4 short months!

Liquify Fat Daily

Lose 20-30 lbs

Lose 8-12 lbs

Bello Voi

Health & Body Sculpting

Sculpt the Body  |  Balance the Mind
Become your most beautiful you!

Located in Louisiana, we are here to promote steady, marked improvements in your physical health and well-being.  We pride ourselves in offering a wide array of services to help you improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. All of our services are methodically planned out working synergistically with natural methods like meal plans, and intermittent fasting with our Red Light Machine for Quick Weight Loss and Inch Loss for maximum results. We successfully help our clients blast through their weight loss goals using Red Light Therapy Body Sculpting, Global Weight Loss Kits, and Systemic Fomula's Detox Kits.
Each person will need an individual plan depending on your weight loss goals. Each program is tailored differently for weight loss from 10 lbs - 100 lbs.

Our clients lose 70% of their weight in the first 21 days for jaw-dropping responses from our clients. Read our Reviews!

Explore our website to learn more about what we do here at Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting, and experience positive change and create new patterns of eating for forever results.*

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Whether your goal is losing 5 pounds or 100 pounds we can get you there in a healthy lasting way! I know it's hard to trust a website, but you can call us anytime prior to doing any of our programs. 

More Facts about Red Light Therapy


Red Light Therapy Body Sculpting

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Inch Loss, Fat Loss, Skin Tightening, & Cellulite Reduction

The photo below is our actual Clinical Medical Grade FDA Cleared machine for medical use. Over 5,000 German Engineered Red Lights with Near Infrared lights for fat melting, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening is simultaneously effective in only 20-30 minute treatments 2 to 3 times per week.

Using technology discovered by NASA, our Red Light Therapy Body Sculpting sessions are a non-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction treatments--WITHOUT PAIN, DISCOMFORT, SWELLING, BRUISING, or DOWNTIME. There are no side effects associated with the use of L.E.D. or Near InfraRed light.  The Near InfraRed Lights stimulate collagen and Elastin for skin tightening and advanced healing therapy. Bello Voi Baton Rouge has been utilizing Red Light Therapy long before the most recent popularity of this technology. Red Light is used for 3rd and 4th-degree acute burns, and diabetic ulcer healing for 70% faster healing with little to no scarring. 
When our fat cells are exposed to the 2 specific wavelengths of light, it causes them to actually melt! This liquified fat is then picked up by our lymphatic system, where it is then either used for energy or quickly eliminated the same way it would be if you were working out -- Our method is just a lot faster & and exponentially more effective.  Typically clients burn 400-600 calories per session. Our clients lose about 1 inch & 1 pound after a single session! Our unique machine is FDA-cleared for clinical use and it's also the newest, most high-quality model of its kind and allows our clients the flexibility to target a specific problem area or focus on total body transformation. The peer-reviewed research was done with our specific machine, and we hold the FDA clearance certificate for safe, effective clinical use. 

After each red light session, we use a full body vibration machine to activate the lymphatic system to simulate jogging on a treadmill to start the fat-draining process throughout the body. This process is also harmless to the body as it mimics real exercise without increasing the heart rate. It increases oxygen to the body.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. During your FREE consultation, we will go over more nerdy facts about how red light, body wraps, water, and nutrition play a key role in faster results, and what to do long term to keep your results.

All packages & memberships include a Custom Nutrition Guide for each individual and their needs. Get help from a leader in the fitness industry to help you reach your weight loss goals quickly and (more importantly) keep it off! Your coach is a former winning bikini fitness competitor in the NPC.

Many of our clients add a Global Weight Loss Kit to their Red Light Therapy machine sessions to speed up their weight loss process. It is a beautiful combination.
Red Light puts the body into fat loss, and the kit scales your diet nutrition for rapid weight loss results.  

"Health is not valued till sickness comes"

Thomas Fuller

Red Light Therapy

Body Sculpting


Non-Invasive Fat Loss, Inch Loss, Weight Loss, & Skin Tightening

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